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Ceramic workshop

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At the workshop-boutique of Ballauri Officine, you are always welcome. Cécile is always happy to explain her work to you over a cup of tea or coffee. The world of ceramics is vast and fascinating, and it is a pleasure to introduce you to it.

All of its parts are  made by hand:  on the potter's wheel, the crusty or the coil, she adapts the technique according to the shape, size and clay used. Each is fired twice  : to harden at 950° and receive the glaze at 1250°. You will find stoneware and porcelain pieces already made waiting for you on the shelves, and you can also place an order for larger quantities or a special request whether you are an individual or a professional (decorator, restaurateur, florist, hotelier, etc.). ..).


The mountain as a source of inspiration

As in the mountains where mountaineers are subject to the laws of nature: wind, rock, snow, sun, the potter is linked in the same way to the 4 elements. This is no doubt what attracted me to this profession in which I converted after ten years of practicing the profession of High Mountain Guide. 

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